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Explain the difference between capital income, revenue income, capital expenditure and revenue expenditure Essay Example

Clarify the contrast between capital pay, income pay, capital use and income use Essay In this assignment I have been approached to clarify the distinction between capital pay, income pay, capital use and income expenditure.Capital incomeCapitan pay is cash put into the business to purchase gear. For instance Future Fashion will put cash into their business to purchase gear, for example, holders, garments stands. These sorts of things will remain in Future Fashion for a significant stretch thusly this implies they are known as fixed resources which implies things which will remain in the business for an extensive stretch of time. At the point when Future originally opened up their business they may have utilized capital pay to yet opening stock yet as the business creates stock will at that point be paid for utilizing deals income.Sole traderA sole dealer is a business who possesses a business on their own in this way Future Fashion is a sole merchant business as a distinct individual claims it. In this manner Future Fashion needs to discover all their capital salary f rom their own sources or individual credits. For the most part sole broker organizations contribute their own reserve funds or acquire from the bank utilizing their own benefits, for example, their home to make sure about the credit. For instance Future Fashion may give their home to the bank to get a credit yet this is a major hazard for Future Fashion as they need to answerable for the obligations of its business itself. As a sole broker business Future style can keep every one of its benefits to itself.PartnershipA association is when at least two than two individuals set up a business. They are then known as accomplices. Each accomplice should contribute towards the business, they should contribute towards the capital salary, along these lines expanding the measure of cash accessible. Accomplices all offer creation choices for the business and the benefit. A few organizations any advances taken out are despite everything taken out by utilizing their own advantages which is an im mense risk.SharesA organization is the point at which a business is enlisted with Companies House and issues offers to its investors. Consequently investors are the proprietors of the business and all contribute towards the capital income.LoansA credit is a whole measure of cash which is loaned to a business from a bank. It is a sure measure of cash that must be taken care of in a specific measure of time, for example, five years, however at some point longer term advances can be concurred. Just as taking care of the credit back an intrigue will be charged as well. This is the measure of cash that is being charged for the credit as a level of the sum that was obtained. The financing cost a bank charge can be a fixed sum or may shift with changes in the economy. It is the intrigue payable on the credit that makes an advance a moderately costly wellspring of capital salary. Likewise regularly scheduled installment should be paid despite the fact that if the business isn’t makin g a benefit. Banks have certain methodology with the goal that they can loan cash to organizations yet it isn't ensured that banks will loan cash to organizations since organizations should be explicit how the cash obtained will be spent on and how the business will repay the bank. At the point when banks give out advances they need an assurance that the business will repay their cash, the assurance a business should give may be their home or the organizations vehicles. Consequently if the business neglects to take care of the advance the bank can recover the asset.For model if Future Fashion needs cash they will go to the bank and approach them for a credit however they should give the bank an assurance that they will take care of the cash. An assurance might be the owner’s home. Likewise Future style should mention to the bank what they will go through the cash so they can tell the bank they will spend the cash on some new stock, to pay for gear and to cover tabs. Likewise Future design should remember that the boycott will charge them enthusiasm for the measure of cash they acquire, for instance if Future style obtain  £1000 they may need to pay 10% enthusiasm of this amount.MortgagesA contract is like a bank credit however is a bigger measure of cash after some time of 25 years. Home loans are constantly made sure about on a property. Some individual will take a home loan out on their homes. Organizations may take out a home loan to purchase their premises for instance a production line, retail location or a warehouse.For model Future design may take out a home loan out on their premises to make it theirs. They should pay a single amount measure of cash for around 25 years.Revenue incomeRevenue salary is the cash that comes into the business by playing out its day by day work by selling products or offering an assistance. In this manner cash coming into the Future style will be known as Revenue pay. The income pay relies upon the exercises that th e business does to carry cash into the business and three fundamental sources are:Sales-deals are cash rolling in from the deals of products or administrations. For instance Future design has cash coming in when every client purchases an item from their shop. Deals at future style can be money deals where the client pays there and afterward, or credit deals where the client purchase at that point yet pays at a later date.Rent got a business that possesses a property and charges others for utilization of all or some portion of that property will get lease as their primary wellspring of income.Commission got a business may sell items or administrations as an operator of another business. They sell item for another business and they get paid a rate on that deal. This rate is called commission.Capital expenditureCapital consumption is things purchased by the business for an extensive stretch of time. For instance Future Fashion will purchase work areas, tills, stands and furniture for t heir business which will remain in their business for an extensive stretch of time. This will consequently be known as capital expenditure.Fixed assetsFixed resources are objects purchased by the business and afterward will remain in the business for quite a while. For instance Future Fashion will purchase objects for their business and afterward record those on their accounting report the monetary record will incorporate gear, furniture and fittings. These are alluded as substantial resources as they can't be contacted. The accounting report for Future Fashion can change once in a while as at some point object lose their worth and don’t have significance so new articles should be gotten tied up with the business.IntangiblesIntangibles are something claimed by the business in this way Future Fashion however they can't contact it yet increases the value of Future Fashion. There are three intangibles which may exist in Future Fashion:Goodwill-is the point at which you purchase a current business its name and notoriety will as of now be known. It additionally may it set of clients. This will build the estimation of the business and furthermore may expand the selling cost of the business. An aggregate of cash is added to the estimation of the business to mirror the worth if this goodwill.Patents-a patent is a remarkable component of an item or another procedure. A business may have a patent to prevent other from replicating their exceptional style of their item or procedure. Having a patent gives numerous chances to the business for the future, for example, propelling an increasingly costly selling cost for their item which has a patent.Trademarks-a trademark is an image, logo, brand name which a business uses to stand apart from its rivals. Trademark can be a major effect on clients it influences their purchasing decision. What's more, it can likewise manufacture a solid brand loyalty.Revenue expenditureRevenue consumption is spending on things which are a n ordinary thing, which implies cash which is gone through consistently on very similar things. These are the costs brought about by Future Fashion that are appeared on the benefit and misfortune account. A portion of the costs which Future Fashion may spend their cash on are:Premises costsFuture Fashion will have a type of premises cost. There are various expenses related with premises. For example:Rent-Future Fashion may not claim the premises and may need to pay an entirety measure of cash for its utilization of the premises.Rates-this is a measure of cash Future Fashion need to pay to the gathering to go towards administrations, for example, road lights and deny assortment. This won't be a set sum for Future Fashion, it will rely upon their business.Heating and lighting-this incorporates administrations, for example, gas and power. Future Fashion will get customary bills like clockwork for utilizing gas and power services.Insurance-Future Fashion ought to legitimately take out d ifferent sorts of protection to shield them from any misfortunes. These may include:Building protection this protection will shield the structure from harm which might be brought about by occasions, for example, a fire.Contents protection this protection will secure whatever Future Fashion will have in the business, for example, stock and hardware. They will be shielded from occasions, for example, floods.Public obligation protection this protection will be taken out by Future Fashion to ensure individuals inside the structure who might be hurt during an incident.Administrative costsAdministration is about administrative work inside the Future Fashion, for example, desk work with respect to representatives, providers and clients. Regulatory expenses incorporate things, for example, postage, printing and fixed; this may incorporate things, for example, Future design business cards, headed paper and request books. For instance Future Fashion will have a great deal of administrative wo rk with respect to business insights concerning their representatives about their business and furthermore about their standard clients yet for the most part they will have paper work in regards to their providers for instance duplicates of past requests and bills in regards to these requests. Likewise Future Fashion will have a line rental will go under regulatory cost.Staff costsAs Future Fashion will utilize staff individuals they should bear the expenses for them as well. These will include:Salaries-a compensation will be given to those workers who are paid month to month which is isolated through a yearly figure. This will be given to the bookkeeper

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Charles Manson Aka Jesus Christ Essay Example For Students

Charles Manson Aka Jesus Christ Essay He has been named The most risky man alive. Charles Manson has been persecutedrelentlessly. We consider him the villain. He is the explanation society is so awful. Does this sound natural? This seems like similar records towards Jesus Christ by the RomanEmpire 2000 years prior. As they have nailed Christ to the cross, we have nailed Charles Manson tothe cross. Might it be able to be that Charles Manson and Jesus Christ are a similar individual? In the event that you knowanything about these two, the appropriate response is: Most likely. Let us investigate these two. Both Jesus Christ and Charles Manson drove a religion that despite everything flourishes tothis very day. Christs supporters are as yet lecturing his words, as do Christs devotees. Also, each cultare developing as time passes by. Both Christianity and The Manson Family will be here until the end of time. Asold supporters vanish, new devotees will have their spot to carry on the expressions of both Jesus Christand Charles Manson. In the event that we looked past the standard generalization against Charles Manson, we can see that the preachings ofManson is indistinguishable from that of Jesus Christ. Hasnt Jesus talked about the intensity of adoration? Furthermore, also,isnt that what Charlie utilized for his witticism Charles Manson has said In affection, you do no wrong.Wouldnt Jesus concur? Truth be told, would Jesus apply to that? In truth, yes!Now, its opportunity to disclose the disgrace of Charles Manson and Jesus Christ. Indeed, them two arewanted for impacting murder. Charles Manson has driven the Tate-LaBianca kills as Jesus Christled the city of Jericho, town of Salem murders. In the two episodes, individuals were beyond words their wrongdoings. Along these lines, both Manson and Christ have been the casualties of unfairness because of the courts andtrials. During the preliminary, Manson was denied the option to guard himself. Rather, we have hung him uponto the cross.

Terahertz Spectroscopy Approach

Terahertz Spectroscopy Approach Synopsis of the Papers Terahertz spectroscopy faculties and controls things of substance with electromagnetic fields that are in scope of frequencies between many gigahertz to a few terahertz. In Quantum mechanics based frameworks for collaborating particles, a few relevant conditions have a vitality change that matches with the vitality in Terahertz photons. Thus, THz spectroscopy conveys an especially powerful strategy in deciding and changing individual advancements between various quantum states. By misusing this, one advances new dreams about quantum energy and how that can be abused in rising and growing new skill that are improved up to the principal quantum level. The paper manages the DIPEL expert business item to control the worm pesticides utilized in natural cultivating and in different natural materials. The impressive weakening from communicate estimations supported vigorous sign dispersing dependent on the elements of particles which is in the middle of 1 mm to 400 smaller scale meters and are contiguous the THz frequencies in the range between 250 ÃŽ ¼m to 750 ÃŽ ¼m. Likewise different reflection estimations were coming out and a 917 GHz absorbance rate was experiential recorded. This entire procedure manages Mie hypothesis that a segment of fixation is oblige dissipating. Thusly, fixation can be seen by the reflectivity measurements. To exhibit this hypothesis, spores were disengaged from the enormous DiPel coarse components and their event was again profound established with microscopy. A dissemination sweep of the taken out spore tests was then dull procedure. The retention and dispersing process is controlled and unpredictable stat es of the particles are controlled utilizing terahertz spectroscopy approach second Paper Terahertz spectroscopy approach is additionally utilized for the concoction examination. Fingerprinting approaches need small going before data about which organisms are of incredible consideration and the inherited fingerprinting approaches permit certifications of prevailing individuals from the microorganism network to the general individuals. Biomolecules and microbial spores have been set up to have recognizing marks in the retention diagrams. As of late, terahertz spectroscopy has showed up as a promising strategy that engages the mark free, non-trade, and nondestructive appraisal on the natural and organic constituents. They have utilized the retention of thymine and the combined groups of Bacillus sp. spores.â They have utilized entering recurrence space examination of spectrometer course of action for retention of these investigations. The benefit of this plan is that it has an extraordinary unique range between 70 dB at 100 Hz and 40dB at 1THz. This permits the recognitio n of interesting indications of different materials, even in the appearance of foundation fixations, for example, occurs in flimsy coatings of fluid water. They likewise utilized the methodology for ingestion of thymine monohydrate powder which is found in DNA tests utilizing terahertz recurrence spectroscopy. The choices were kept up by filtering electron optical magnifying instrument imaging forms, which plainly settled the example contained as often as possible spores and demonstrates that the examples are having not very many negative microorganisms or microscopic organisms. In third paper THz estimations of Bacillus thuringiensis which is prevalently known as a dirt microscopic organisms and creepy crawly pathogen are introduced.â These microorganisms produce protein gems which are noxious to an assorted variety of bugs yet are not damaging to animals. The examination of THz marks is finished utilizing infinitesimally forms and the constriction factors are decreased. The hearty water constriction between the extents 400 to 1200 GHz debilitates the reflection impact. The foundation of the connection among THz marks and level of hydration of bacillus thuringiensis tests happens. The proportion of THz monograms related with the hydration extra keep up that the premise of retention is likely from the outside protein covering of spores which is the main piece of the bacterium that is center to lack of hydration and alters rapidly because of the ecological changes. Paper 1: ZHANG, W., BROWN, E. R., VIVEROS, L., BURRIS, K. P. What's more, STEWART JR., C. N. Slender terahertz weakening marks in Bacillus thuringiensis In-content: (Zhang et al.) List of sources: Zhang, Weidong et al. Restricted Terahertz Attenuation Signatures In Bacillus Thuringiensis. Diary of Biophotonics 7.10 (2013): 818-824. Web. Paper 2: VIVEROS, L., ZHANG, W., BROWN, E. R. Furthermore, BYKHOVSKI, A. Bioinspired THz applications for synthetic investigation and microorganism fingerprinting In-content: (Viveros et al.) Book index: Viveros, Leamon et al. Bioinspired Thz Applications For Chemical Analysis And Microorganism Fingerprinting. NAECON 2014 IEEE National Aerospace and Electronics Conference (2014): n. pag. Web. 17 Feb. 2017. paper 3: ZHANG, W., BROWN, E. R., VIVEROS, L., BURRIS, K. P. Furthermore, STEWART JR., C. N. Tight terahertz weakening marks in Bacillus thuringiensis In-content: (Zhang et al.) Book index: Zhang, Weidong et al. Tight Terahertz Attenuation Signatures In Bacillus Thuringiensis. Diary of Biophotonics 7.10 (2013): 818-824. Web. 17 Feb. 2017.

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Radio Early History Essays - Photovoltaics,

Radio: Early History Introduction Dialog Sunlight based ENERGY. All life on Earth relies upon vitality from the sun. Sun oriented vitality is the wellspring of vitality for photosynthesis. It gives the glow vital for plants and creatures to endure. The warmth from the sun causes water on the Earth's surface to dissipate and shape mists that in the end give new water. Sun powered vitality is the aftereffect of atomic combination responses profound inside the sun. These responses produce so much vitality that they keep the surface temperature of the sun at about 10,300B0F (5,700B0C). Despite the fact that sun powered vitality is the biggest wellspring of vitality got by the Earth, its power at the Earth's surface is in reality extremely low because of the huge separation betwee n the Earth and the sun and the way that the Earth's air retains and disperses a portion of the radiation. Indeed, even on a sunny morning with the sun straightforwardly overhead, the vitality that arrives at the Earth's surface is diminished around 30 percent by the air. At the point when the sun is close to the skyline and the sky is cloudy, the sun powered vitality at ground level can be insignificant. It additionally changes starting with one point then onto the next on the Earth's surface. In any case, in the twentieth century, the sun's vitality has gotten an progressively appealing hotspot for limited quantities of direct capacity to meet human needs. Various gadgets for gathering sun powered vitality and changing over it into power have been created, and sun based vitality is utilized in a assortment of ways. Sun based vitality is utilized to warm houses, and in numerous nations uncommonly planned sun oriented broilers are utilized for cooking. The sun additionally supplies vitality to electric generators that give capacity to climate and interchanges satellites and for radio and TV gear. Since the force of the sun's radiation at the outside of the Earth is so low, authorities intended to catch sun powered vitality must be huge. In the sunniest pieces of the mainland United States, for instance, in orde r for an authority to assemble enough vitality to serve one individual for one day, the territory of the authority's surface must be around 430 square feet (40 square meters). The genuine vitality that can be utilized relies upon the proficiency of the authority and of the gadget that changes over the radiation into usable vitality. Level plate authorities. The most widely recognized level plate authorities comprise of a dim metal plate, secured with a couple of sheets of glass, that ingests heat. The warmth is moved to air or water, called transporter liquids, that streams past the rear of the plate. This warmth might be utilized straightforwardly or it might b e moved to another medium. Level plate authorities are utilized for home and high temp water warming . Level plate authorities ordinarily heat transporter liquids to temperatures running from 150B0 to 200B0F (66B0 to 93B0C). The efficienc y of such authorities shifts from 20 to 80 percent. Concentrating authorities. At the point when higher temperatures are required, a concentrating authority is utilized. These authorities reflect and concentrate daylight from a wide region. One such gadget, called a sun oriented heater, was introduced in the Pyrenees in France and has a few sections of land of mirrors centered on a solitary objective. The vitality amassed at the objective is multiple times tha t gotten by any single mirror, and the unit produces temperatures of up to 3,630B0F (2,000B0C). Another structure, the purported power tower plant close Barstow, Calif., produces 10,000 kilowatts of power. Here, the furnac e goes about as a heater and creates steam for a steam turbine-electric generator power plant. In modern concentrating gatherers, for example, the California tower, each mirror is turned by a heliostat that coordinates the sun's beams fro m the mirror to the objective. Situating engines, drives, and controllers make such frameworks costly. Less exorbitant gatherers can deliver temperatures lowe r than those of further developed focusing gatherers yet higher than those o f level plate authorities. For instance, illustrative reflectors that concentrate daylight on dark funnels can deliver liquid temperatures of about 400B0 to 55 0B0F (200B0 to 290B0C) and can focus the sunlight based vitality up to multiple times its unique quality. Little Stand-Alone DC System The little independent framework is a superb trade for propane or on the other hand lamp oil lights in a remote lodge, a recreational vehicle or a pontoon. The size of the photovoltaic (PV) cluster and battery will rely on person necessities. The real measuring strategies are talked about somewhere else. The PV arra y charges the battery during sunlight hours and the battery supplies capacity to the heaps varying. The charge controller ends the charging when the battery arrives at full charge. The heap community may contain meters to screen framework activity and circuits to secure wiring in

What Happens When Someone Checks Your Credit

What Happens When Someone Checks Your Credit What Happens When Someone Checks Your Credit? What Happens When Someone Checks Your Credit?What happens during a credit check depends on what kind of check is being runâ€"and whos doing the checking.There are a lot of myths out there surrounding credit scores, especially when it comes to what happens when you or someone else check them. That’s why we’ve cooked up this little blog post to set the record straight.We don’t know how much good it will doâ€"the internet is pretty good at sustaining all sorts of “out there” legendsâ€"but we figured it doesn’t hurt to try. In that regard, its actually a lot like checking your own credit score!Here’s how credit scores work.We say “your credit score” as though you only have one. In fact, you have several! The most common type of credit scoreâ€"and the one you’re almost certainly familiar withâ€"is your FICO score. FICO scores are graded on a scale from 300 to 850 and the higher your score, the better, with a score of 680 serving as a rough border between “good” and “fair” credit.Like all credit scores, FICO scores are based off the information in your credit report. Or shall we say, credit reports! You have three different credit reports, and each one is compiled by one of the three major credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.Information can vary between your credit reports, as some businesses don’t report information to all three. As such, your credit score can also vary depending on which credit report was used to create it. In addition to FICO scores, the three credit bureaus also got together a few years ago to create their own credit score: VantageScore.Your credit reports contain a whole bunch of information regarding how you use credit, including records of what accounts you’ve opened, how much you’ve borrowed, whether you’ve made your payments on-time, any debts that have been sent to collections, and whether you’ve ever filed for bankruptcy.All that information is then blended together using a super secret f ormula to create your credit score. With FICO scores, we do know the five main categories of info and how they’re weighted. The categories are payment history (35 percent), amounts owed (30 percent), length of credit history (15 percent), credit mix (10 percent), and recent credit inquiries (10 percent).There are two types of credit checks: hard and soft.When you apply for a personal loan, a mortgage, an auto loan, or a student loan, your lender is going to want to look over your credit report. In order to do this, they need to run what’s called a “hard” inquiry on your credit report. This delivers them a full copy of your credit report, and it can only be run with your express permission.Other times, a business might want to access your credit report for a more general purpose, like renting you an apartment or “pre-approving” you for a credit card offer. In cases like this, a business would run what’s called a “soft” inquiry. Unlike hard inquiries, these soft cred it checks can be run without your permissionâ€"or even your knowledge.One of the biggest differences between hard and soft credit checks is how they affect your credit score. Hard inquiries are recorded on your credit report under the “recent credit inquiries” category, and they do affect your score. Depending on your credit, a single hard inquiry can ding your score by five points, and multiple inquiries in a short amount of time can have a larger effect.Meanwhile, soft credit checks are also recorded on your report, but they will only be visible to you. And they have zero effect on your credit score. For instance, if you have lousy credit and you’re applying for a bad credit loan, that lender might run a soft check on your credit. Even if you end up getting denied for the loan, your score will remain the same.Soft credit checks also apply when you check your own credit score or request a copy of your credit reportâ€"the latter of which you can do for free, by the way. It’s the law: All three credit bureaus must provide you with one free copy of your report annually upon request. To order a free copy of your report, just visit do hard inquiries affect your credit score?To explain why hard credit inquiries affect your credit score, it helps to think like a lender:You receive an application for an unsecured personal loan, and you pull up a copy of this applicant’s credit report. You notice that, recently, they’ve been applying for a number of different personal loans and credit cards. What does that say to you?For many lenders, a large number of recent credit inquiries points to one thing: A borrower who is desperate for more credit, which means that they have probably encountered some additional costs that need covering. And when a person is struggling with added costsâ€"including extra debtâ€"that means that they are somewhat less likely to pay back a new loan.However, there is one pretty obvious exception to this rule: shopping around! In order to find the best loan possible, it helps to apply for a bunch of different ones. It’s only once your loan application is approved that you’ll see the terms these lenders are actually offering you.Shopping around for the best loan is smart financial behavior and something to be encouraged. That’s why, when it comes to mortgages, auto loans, and student loans, any inquiries made within the same 45 day period are bundled together on your credit report and are counted as only a single hard inquiry.The benefits of soft credit check loans. For people with bad credit, a hard inquiry on an in-person or online loan application might as well be a “No Trespassing” sign. That’s why many of them end up borrowing no credit check loans that don’t perform any hard inquiriesâ€"and come with much higher interest rates to compensate.And while some of these loans can provide a sensible short-term financial solution, there is a big difference between checking a pe rson’s credit score and checking their ability to repay, period. That’s why many bad credit lenders perform a soft credit check, one that won’t affect an applicants credit but that still gives them a better idea of what this person can handle financially.Other no credit check lenders, meanwhile, don’t do anything to check whether or not a potential borrower can repay the loan they’re applying for. Many of these lenders offer short-term payday loans, cash advances, and title loans. And even with such quick turnarounds, many borrowers end up taking out more money than they can handle and getting stuck in a spiral of debt.Soft credit check loans, on the other hand, often come in the form of longer-term installment loans. If you have bad credit and need a loan, you should look into the benefits of installment loans that perform a soft credit check when you apply.Some of these lenders, like OppLoans, even report your payment information to the credit bureaus, meaning that on-ti me payments could help improve your score! To learn more about credit scoresâ€"and what you can do to improve your ownâ€"check out  these other posts and articles from OppLoans:How to Raise Your Credit Score by 100 PointsWill Closing a Credit Card Affect Your Credit Score?Have Bad Credit? Here Are Two Things You Should Do6 Great Reasons To Check Your Credit ReportDo you have a personal finance question youd like us to answer? Let us know! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.  |Instagram

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Natural Gas Curtailment Marketing Case Assignment - 1100 Words

Natural Gas Curtailment Marketing Case Assignment (Case Study Sample) Content: NATURAL GAS CURTILMENT CASE STUDYNameInstitution AffiliationDateIntroductionIn June1980 the general manager of Texas Harry Sinclair received a notification from Ben Elliot that there is natural gas shortage in the Houston area due to heat wave. For the shortage in natural gas the manager decided to allocate gas to its customers on the following priorities; first he prioritized Residential and commercial heating and cooling, second he made a Priority on Commercial and industrial firms that use natural gas as source of raw material and Thirdly on Industrial firms that use natural gas as a boiler fuelAccording to Ben Elliot Agri- Chem, Corporations uses on the natural gas were to be in the second and third priority. Enerco decided to enforce rolling browouts which is temporary and periodic curtailment of natural gas supplies.Now we need to study and analyze the information and decide which product the company should produce that will be less affected by curtailment of Natural gas and decide what production level the company should use to maximize the profit of the company.First of all we will identify the X's of the products:Let:X1 be produced amount of AmmoniaX2 be produced amount of Ammonium PhosphateX3 produced Ammonium NitrateX4 produced amount of UreaX5 produced Hydrofluoric acid amountX6 produced amount of ChlorineX7 produced amount of Caustic sodaX8 produced Vinyl chloride monomerTable below show the contribution of the profit and overhead for each product which will help us in concluding the objective function.Table 1 contribution to profit and overhead Product $/Ton Ammonia 80 Ammonium phosphate 120 Ammonium nitrate 140 Urea 140 Hydrofluoric acid 90 Chlorine 70 Caustic soda 60 Vinyl chloride monomer 90 For 20% natural gas curtailmentObjective function will be.Maximize profit 80 X1 +120 X2 +140 X3 +140 X4 +90 X5 +70 X6+60 X7 +90 X8Before writing the constraints, we should take the percentage or capacity under consideration as the table be low shows the percentage of the capacity of each product.Table 2 operational data Product capacity(tons/day) Production Rate (%of capacity) Natural gas consumption (1,000 cu. ft./ ton Ammonia 1500 80 8 Ammonium phosphate 600 90 10 Ammonium nitrate 700 70 12 Urea 200 80 12 Hydrofluoric acid 800 70 7 Chlorine 1500 80 18 Caustic soda 1600 80 20 Vinyl chloride monomer 1400 60 14 Calculation for the natural gas capacityAmmonia:Ammonium phosphate:Ammonium nitrate:Urea:Hydrofluoric acid:Chlorine:Caustic soda:Vinyl chloride monomer:85,680 cu. ft. x 103 is the Natural gas current usage is per day. The range Enerco projects curtailments is from 20 to 40 percent, so 20% from85,680 = , then subtract it from 85,680= 68,544 cu. ft. x 103 per day.ConstraintsX1 1200, X2 540, X3 490, X4 160X5 560, X6 1200, X7 1280, X8 8408 X1 +10 X2 +12 X3 +12 X4 +7 X5 +18 X6 +20 X7 +14 X8 68,544-20955173659900The figures below show the results by using QM. First, we chose linear program then we chose 9 constra ints and 8 variables, then we inserted the data to the QM table.Results for 20% natural gas curtailment.After inserting the data, we pressed the Solve button to solve the linear program problem; the figure below shows the result of the case study.The optimal solution for the natural gas is.X1 =1200 ton /day, X2 =540 ton /day X3 =490 ton/dayX4 =160 ton/day X5 =560 ton/day X6 =1200 ton /dayX7 =423.2 ton /day X8 =840 ton /day z = 487,192 ton /dayWe can see that there is reduction in production of caustic soda from 1200 to 423.2 tons /day.40% curtailment of natural gas.Function ObjectiveMaximizing profit 80 X1 +120 X2 +140 X3 +140 X4 +90 X5 ...

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Early Pregnancy - 4113 Words

General Topics: Pregnancy Narrow Topic: Teenage Pregnancy Thesis Statement: Early Pregnancy places young women’s health and lives at risk as teenage girls over15 years of age twice as like to die from childbirth compared to women in their twenties. Outline I. Early Pregnancy A. Definition B. Classification II. Causes of Early Pregnancy A. Curiosity B. Lack of Knowledge C. Experimenting III. Effects A. Death B. Poverty C. Stop of schooling IV. Conclusion Table of Content Introduction†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦..1 What is Early Pregnancy†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦2 Different Attitudes†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦3 Teen Sex†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.4 The Role of Sex Education†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.5-9 * The School * The Church * Parents and Home Sexuality†¦show more content†¦We have to understand that the more mention of â€Å"sex† has brought curiosity to teenagers and they tend to know more about it by experiencing or experimenting. In the Philippines, our traditional folks have a conservative perception of early pregnancy. To them sex is sacred and should be done by married couples. They are also judgmental to the youth who got married at a very young age and they tend to ostracize those people who do not fallow their way of life. Teen Sex While adults and teenagers respond differently about early pregnancy, observers believed that there is already an increase in the acceptance of the issue. There is also openness in the discussion of sex and schools including sex education in their curriculum to them. The teenagers seemed much aware of this issue, as compared to their parents during their time. They alluded to the fact that society in general had become more informed regarding teen sex, teen dating and teen pregnancy. However this climate of increase permissiveness and acceptance of teen sex can create cultural pressure that are challenging to the youth. Teens today are better educated about sex and sexuality from generation before them. yet this increased openness also brings with it some confusing messages. They get the message that teen sex is â€Å"ok†. For some their conclusion seemed to be â€Å"Why not do it?† One ofShow MoreRelatedEarly Pregnancy2116 Words   |  9 PagesEarly Pregnancy young mothers are observable to some extent. 5. There is no significant relationship between the possible causes of early pregnancy and academic performances. Thus... Premium Significance Of a Study Significance of the Study The study of the knowledge, attitude and practice on premarital sex of senior high school students in a certain national high... PremiumSaved Early Pregnancy possible reasons. This paper focuses on determining the possible reasons for early pregnancy among teenagersRead MoreEarly Pregnancy4925 Words   |  20 PagesEARLY PREGNANCY: ITS RISKS AND HARM ________________________________________________________________ In Partial Fullment Of The Requirements In English IV F.Bangoy National Highschool Sasa, Davao City ________________________________________________________________ A Research Paper Presented To: Arvin Maturan Genovate English IV Teacher ________________________________________________________________ By: Rhea Lyca Suarez, Angelo Jadloc, May Ann Ganas Jon Boni Podador, Analyn NaquilaRead MoreThe Early Signs Of Pregnancy917 Words   |  4 Pagesget another test done only to be disappointed before you are reasonably sure. So what are the early signs of pregnancy? What do you look for so that you know that you need to get a test done? There are at least ten definite signs that can tell you very early that you are finally pregnant. Many women will only experience a couple of signs and some will notice nearly all of the very early signs of pregnancy. From the time of conception, it takes about 5-7 days for the embryo to travel down the fallopianRead MorePregnancy Symptoms : Top Early Signs Of Pregnancy Essay2042 Words   |  9 PagesPregnancy symptoms: Top early signs of pregnancy: Introduction: Are you getting some signs that could indicate your pregnancy? Many early symptoms might confirm that you are pregnant within a few weeks after conception. Although your midwife or ob-gyn will confirm your pregnancy during your first pregnancy in the 8th week, you may actually show some early signs even by the time of 5-6 weeks. How a woman’s body does change during pregnancy? Pregnancy is a complicated phase in a woman’s life.Read MoreObesity And Pregnancy : Early Education And Prevention1290 Words   |  6 PagesObesity and Pregnancy: Early education and prevention Alicia Gonzalez de Arreola ENG 122: English Composition Professor Amy Erickson August 25, 2014 â€Æ' Obesity and Pregnancy: Early Education and Prevention Obesity has become an epidemic not only in the United States, it is worldwide (Sullivan, 2014). Obesity affects both mother and child leading to severe complications during and after birth, therefore measures should be taken to monitor and educate women and women who plan on becoming pregnant.Read MoreSocio-Economic Status Affecting the Early Teenage Pregnancy5379 Words   |  22 PagesChapter I The Problems and its Background Introduction National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy says that teenage pregnancy is occurring in an adolescent girl between the ages of 13 to 18. Socioeconomic is one factor in which is the social and economic experiences that help mold ones personality, attitudes, and lifestyle. It can also define regions and neighborhoods. Socioeconomic factors also include the ethnicity, and sense of community. Socioeconomic status is basedRead MoreEarly Pregnancy Among Adolescent Females With Serious Emotional Disturbances1317 Words   |  6 PagesPurpose: The article â€Å"Early Pregnancy among Adolescent Females with Serious Emotional Disturbances: Risk Factors and Outcomes† suggest that teenage pregnancy has many disadvantages that affect the child, mother, and society as a whole. Adolescents who have children early are less likely to provide adequately for their children, more likely to drop out of school, and receive assistance from the government (Yampolsya, Brown, Greenban, 2002). Yampolsya et al., (2002) hypothesized that risk factorsRead MoreThe Pregnancy And Childbearing Practices At The Late Fall And Early Winter We All Deer Hunt1179 Words   |  5 PagesFood Traditions My family and I are avid hunters. During the late fall and early winter we all deer hunt. A traditional Christmas meal for my family does not include turkey or ham, but instead deer loin. During Thanksgiving we do not eat the traditional American turkey, but instead chukar, a type of small bird. Hunting gives you hormone free food and is much healthier for you than the grocery store processed food. Pregnancy and Childbearing Practices Raising children in this day and age can becomeRead MoreAn Early Pregnancy Is No Fairy Tale945 Words   |  4 Pagesmore consumers. Advertisement is a form of communication that focus on a certain topic without sounding too needy or annoying. The ad â€Å"An Early Pregnancy is No Fairy Tale† conveys a message of early teen pregnancy and tries to prevent it from happening. The advertisement represents the ironic story of Snow White and the seven Dwarfs to indicates that early pregnancy will ruin people’s dream of a fairy tale. The advertisement is a picture of Snow White and her seven children that represent the sevenRead MoreAn Early Pregnancy Is No Fairy Tale925 Words   |  4 Pagesand gain more consumers. Advertisement is a form of communication that focuses on a certain topic without sounding too needy or annoying. The ad â€Å"An Early Pregnancy is No Fairy Tale† conveys a message to control and stop teen pregnancy. The advertisement represents the ironic story of Snow White and the seven Dwarfs to indicate that early pregnancy can ruin a person’s dream of a fairy tale. The advertisement is a picture of Snow White and her seven children that represents the seven Dwarfs. Instead